▶ The Center for Students with Disabilities offers various resources to ensure student patrons  are provided with a comfortable, convenient, and safe school environment. Services include teaching 〮learning support, facility assistance, learning materials rental, education assistance, career development programs, and education to improve awareness of those with disabilities.

▶ Together Forest 1 is operated by the Center and is a space dedicated to providing a stress-free studying atmosphere and a place for relaxation for students with disabilities.

▶ Together Forest 2 is staffed by university personnel who provide administrative services.


Based on Hanyang’s founding philosophy of Love in Truth and Deed, the university has established four major directions of support for the welfare and education of students with disabilities.

● Development Plan of the Four Major Objectives
- Curriculum: Providing educational curricula that specifically cater to the needs of students with disabilities
- Teaching Methods: Offering effective teaching and learning methods that meet the needs of students with disabilities
- Institutions and Systems: Establishing and operating various institutions and systems that accommodate the uniqueness of students with disabilities
- Facility and Infrastructure Support: Holding regular inspections of existing facilities and creating new support facilities for a more comfortable campus life for students with disabilities

● Implementation Methods
- Right to Learn for Students with Disabilities: Pursuing quality development in the system and content of courses through professor and learning support
- Right to Mobility for Students with Disabilities: Regular improvement of facilities and infrastructure
- Welfare for Students with Disabilities: Continuous support in areas such as student adaptation to university life, career development, and employment support
- Promoting more general awareness of disabilities

Responsibilities of the Center

- Development of Guidelines for Disability Student Support Services
- Development and Expansion of Teaching〮Learning Support Programs
- Counseling and Consultation for Students with Disabilities
- Operation of Student Tutoring
- Provision and Improvement of Facilities specifically for Students with Disabilities
- Cultural and Educational Projects to Promote Disability Awareness
- Other Improvement Tasks to Support Students with Disabilities


Services and Programs

Services and Programs



Together Forest 1 Paiknam Library 1st floor (Learning and Lounge for Students with Disabilities)
Together Forest 2 Law School Library 2nd floor 법학학술정보관 2층 (Administration Services and Lounge for Students with Disabilities)


Tel +82-2-2220-1669/0776/1568