Purpose and Objectives

The “Student Mentoring Program” is a university life support service aimed at providing convenience in educational activities and enhancing learning capabilities for disabled students.


Student Mentors

- Definition of Student Mentors

Student mentors are volunteers who provide support for disabled students to facilitate their school life by attending classes together, providing services such as note-taking, typing, learning support, mobility support, and daily living assistance.
-  Roles

∙ Academic Support: Help with note-taking, typing
∙ Mobility support: Assistance in mobility using crutches or wheelchairs
∙ Daily Life Support: Help with cleaning, hygiene management, and meal assistance (in dormitories)
∙ Tutoring Support: 1:1 tutoring for disabled students


Mentor Application

- Eligibility

∙ Currently enrolled and eligible for national work-study scholarships
∙ GPA 2.0 or above, no income bracket applicable
∙ Not eligible for overlapping support with other national work-study scholarship programs
- Benefits

∙ Recognition of social service credits (applicable only if not overlapping with disabled students' classes)
∙ Recognition of 1365 (Ministry of Public Administration and Security) social service hours (applicable only if not overlapping with disabled students' classes)
∙ Typing and note-taking helpers can enroll in the same prerequisite courses as disabled students
∙ Payment of national work-study activity allowance (50% recognition if overlapping with disabled students' classes)
* Activity allowance not applicable when social service credits and 1365 service hours are earned.
- Application Period

∙ 4 times a year (February and August for Regular semesters, June and December for Summer/Winter sessions)
- Application Process

∙ Check the application notice on the website  
∙ Submit application documents either by visit or email
- Application Documents

∙ Application Form
∙ Consent Form for Collection and Use of Personal Information (1 copy) c) Pledge (Helper Student) (1 copy)
∙ Other required documents as notified